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Home Buying

Home buying isn’t always a pleasurable event however I always knew I wanted to buy a home; it didn’t need to be huge or even in the greatest of areas, just needed to be mine. When looking for a home I slowly began finding out how expensive they are and that my dollar wasn’t going to go very far as I was just starting out.  I ended up finding a small house in a local town which I closed on over the next few months.

After a few years in my new home I began thinking about buying another and renting it out for income. So I searched my local Craigslist Ads, News Papers and Realtors only to find properties that fit my needs however overpriced. This is where my journey began.

Over the many years of buying and selling real estate I have created a network of real estate “funnels” so to say, that’s when Red Door Development was created. What we do is buy properties in bulk either from lenders where the previous owner had been foreclosed upon or directly from property owners who sell to us at wholesale as they no longer desire to own the property; then selling the homes at discount to cash buyers.

The process is so easy. Check back with us often, as we are always updating the inventory.

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