Newel Post Rehab Project

Newel Post Rehab Project, Including Stair Tread

Documented Project No.01


Outdated Newel post with basic carpet overlay.

View #2

First we pulled the carpet off exposing old damaged old Red Oak. Removed the Red Oak, refinished the riser and tightened up any loose stringers. *Note The Pressure Treated Wood is just temporary to be able to still use this stair.

View with carpet removed and new newel post.

Cut and stained new stair tread. We applied two coats of stain with a brush leaving it on to soak in for :15 minutes before wiping off with a cotton cloth, between each coating.

Attached stair tread using construction adhesive on the stringers along with 2 1/2 finishing nails.

Not seen here but we did have to cut the stair tread on the edges to allow the newel post to encompasses it; not to mention also cutting the edges on the newel post to fit over the stair tread. pic #1

Side view pic #2.




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